Do You Have Questions About Roof Storm Damage & The Insurance Claim Process?

Here at KEE Roofing®, we do everything in our power to make sure your insurance estimate is written properly and includes all line-items, related to your full roof replacement and your home’s full restoration needs. We ONLY install our customer’s new roofing systems up to code and follow strict manufacturer installation specifications and requirements. Unlike some roofing companies, we do not cut corners by re-using old underlayment, re-using old flashings, not adding true starter shingles, etc. That said, we know how frustrating it is to deal with insurance claims on your own. For a detailed explanation of our process, from beginning to end, please see below:

Step 1 (a): Initial Property Inspection

One of our experienced specialists will thoroughly inspect your roof and entire property to determine whether there is enough storm-related damage to justify filing a claim. If the inspection is not of the highest quality, all of the time you put into filing a claim could go to waste. This is why we put special emphasis on the initial inspection. Our 31-point inspection is extremely thorough. We will take photos of all damages found and will record a detailed video of your property inspection. We will then email or text you a viewable link for your inspection photos and video, in which we will go through all of our findings with you. 

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(b): Inspection Consultation

After we observe storm-related damages, we will be sure to discuss their extent and repair options with you. If a claim is justifiable and you want KEE™ to help you with your claim, we will e-sign a Letter of Authorization and Simple Service Agreement. If your claim is denied, you are under no obligation to move forward with KEE™ for any repairs. If your claim is approved, KEE™ will perform all repairs and you are responsible for any costs not covered by your insurance company pertaining to any upgrades or additional work that you might like to have performed, outside of the insurance claim scope of work. Normally, if we are only completing the scope work outlined by your insurance company and you have a normal Replacement Cost Policy with Code Upgrades (a full RCV policy), your only financial responsibility is your deductible. 

(c): Accurate Estimates

KEE Roofing® uses the same Xactimate estimating software that most all insurance companies use. The Xactimate estimating software predetermines the dollar amount of your estimate. Xactimate determines the “fair market price” for material and labor, per your property zip code, and is updated every 30 days. This means we are not “arguing over price” with your insurance adjuster. The price is already set in Xactimate for both the adjuster and the contractor. By using Xactimate, we are simply comparing “apples to apples” regarding what line items are present in the insurance adjuster’s scope of loss and what line items are missing in order to do the job properly. More often than not, what is missing from your initial insurance estimate are required South Carolina current building codes and/or manufacturer installation required line items.  This means we are able to provide you with a highly accurate and detailed damage repair estimate that we can present to your insurance adjuster. Don’t be surprised if our estimate is higher than the scope of loss presented by your adjuster; our 31-point inspection is extremely thorough and likely includes more repair line-items than your insurance adjuster’s inspection will have initially revealed.

We understand that this process may seem overwhelming for customers, but that’s what we’re here for. We specialize in insurance restoration for this very reason. We are here to guide and assist you throughout the entire process.

Step 2: Adjuster Inspection – Approval & Denial

At KEE Roofing® & Restoration, we assist the adjuster during his or her inspection by showing them the damaged areas we have identified, rather than bullying them into approving the claim. We deliver our estimate and discuss the course of action we feel is best. If your claim is denied, we want to understand the adjuster’s point of view; if we still feel there is a justifiable legitimate storm-related damage, we’ll urge you to file for a second inspection or a re-inspection with a different adjuster. If the claim is approved you will usually receive a check within 7 to 10 days of the initial adjuster inspection. As the check is also often addressed to your mortgage company, we will also assist you with any documentation the mortgage company requires to release the funds.

Step 3: The Build Contract Appointment

After all is said and done, it’s time to choose your new roof and to schedule your build contract appointment with your project manager. During your build contract appointment, we will bring several material samples to review and choose from. Once you’ve made your material and color selection, we will then write up your build contract to match the insurance adjuster’s original scope of work, pending supplements. During this appointment, we will also review the insurance scope of work with you in detail and talk about what is included in the adjuster’s scope of work, or what may be missing from the scope of work and in need of supplementing in order to do the job properly.  We will then pick up your job deposit and deductible. If there are items missing from the insurance estimate, we will then turn your job-file over to our Estimating Department to re-write the insurance estimate in Xactimate and add the missing line-items and then submit it back to your insurance carrier. We will be sure to get any missing items addressed from this point on, prior to your production install date. Once any of the missing items are added to the insurance estimate, the carrier will then send us what we call a revised scope of work. We will be sure to get this from them in writing prior to your repairs beginning. It is not unusual to sometimes have one, two, or three revised scopes, prior to work beginning. Once a finalized agreed upon scope of work has been reached, we will then begin your home’s restoration process. 

Step 4: Your Home Restoration Begins

Once everything is included in the insurance estimate properly production begins. Usually all trades are completed within the following week. During the course of your repairs, we perform inspections before, during, and after completion to ensure that your new roof, siding, gutters, etc have all been installed correctly and to your complete satisfaction. Once all work has been completed, per the finalized insurance revised scope of work, we will then complete our post-construction walkthrough inspection with both you and your project manager. Once all parties have signed off that work has been completed to your complete satisfaction, we will then submit a Certificate of Completion to your insurance carrier to finalize your claim and to get all remaining payments released from the carrier. As an added bonus, we will also provide you with photos, videos, and even drone footage from before, during, and after your job’s completion.


An Easier Way

By putting your trust in our licensed and experienced professionals, you are able to save loads of time and stress! Storm damage claims usually require that one meets with the insurance adjuster, schedule meetings with different trade contractors or engineers, and submit detailed documentation to the insurance company. KEE Roofing® makes this process easy by handling all of this for you. From the initial inspection to the final inspection, KEE Roofing® is with you every step of the way. We have specialized in storm damage restoration and insurance restoration for over 13 years. It’s our job to ensure that you stay informed, prepared, and satisfied.  All that is required from you is that you trust our process, and remember, your home is our mission!