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Insurance Claims

Insurance claims can sometimes be the worst part about dealing with roof damage after a storm or other disaster. Let our experienced team take care of it for you! Not only will we fix your roof and get it back to a perfect state, but we’ll also work to get everything you are owed from your insurance company. Call us now to get started.

Roofing Insurance Claims

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Homeowner's Insurance Claims

After your roof has been damaged by hail or by wind, you are more than likely entitled to full compensation from your homeowner’s insurance. It can be a hassle to fill out the paperwork and deal with the adjuster on your own, and to be honest, a lot of times the claims get denied when you do it on your own. We are Insurance Restoration Specialists. Call us to get expert help with your claim and we’ll help you get what you’re owed!

These major insurance companies don’t stay in business by losing money on claims, and they know how to work their way around the red tape to ensure they don’t lose money on the damage to your home. However, our fully trained HAGG certified Insurance Restoration Specialists and staff licensed adjusters are experts in dealing with the insurance company's claim adjusters in ensuring that all of your building code required items are included in the scope of work properly for your roof replacement or repairs.

One of the most damaging forces of nature to your home's exterior is hail. Oftentimes, hail damage isn’t easily recognizable from the ground for several months, at which point it may be too late to file an insurance claim. But our Insurance Restoration Specialists know what to look for, and can identify hail damage at the earliest stages. We will work with your insurance company to be sure to point out all of your home's damages to help get your claim approved.

There are small things to look for to identify wind or hail damage, such as:

Small granules (the coating from the shingles) washed off onto the ground, usually near downspouts; curled shingles and even missing shingles, water spots in your ceiling, small holes in your siding, streaked window screens, small dents to fascia metal, garage door wrap, gutters, gutter covers, damaged AC fins, the list goes on and on. That's why we perform a FREE 31 point inspection. One thing to realize is that if you see hail damage (small dents as you look from the side, across the surface) on nearby cars, siding, or other homes, there is most likely damage to your roof as well.

If you've seen any of these signs, but you are not sure what else to look for or what steps should be taken. Call us. We will have one of our qualified Insurance Restoration Specialist there as soon as possible. Noticing the type of things above probably means you’ll be filing an insurance claim in the near future, and we’ll be there to help. Call us now to have one of our trained specialists take a look at your roof for a free inspection. We’ll come out to your home and conduct a thorough, 31-point inspection to find any and all damages that have occurred to your home’s roof, siding, fascia, gutters, window wraps, window screens, deck stain, interior, and more.

We inspect your home's total exterior and interior and take pictures of EVERYTHING.

If we find sufficient damages, we will then recommend whether or not there is sufficient damage to warrant a legitimate insurance claim. If so, we will walk you through filing a claim with your insurance company. We will then come back out to your home and meet in site with your insurance company's adjuster to ensure that all the necessary damages are addressed properly. Unfortunately, at the end of the day, the insurance company adjuster's real job is to MINIMIZE the insurance company's loss. Our job is to MAXIMIZE your claim in order to minimize YOUR out of pocket expenses. All you are responsible for is your deductible.

Once a fair and agreed upon scope of work has been reached between our Insurance Restoration Specialist and your insurance company, we can then perform a full storm damage restoration to your home and get it as good as new.

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