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Insurance claims can sometimes be the worst part about dealing with roof, siding and gutter damage after a storm or other disaster affects your home or property. Let our experienced team of experts take care of it for you! Not only will we fix your home and get it back to a perfect state, but we’ll also assist you in making sure everything is included in the estimate to get your home fully restored to its pre-loss condition. We will be there to assist you though every step of the process.  Simply call us now to get started. As our company motto clearly states, “Your Home. Our Mission.™”

To get your homeowners insurance to pay for a new roof, you want to ensure that if your roof was damaged by a covered loss, you get the maximum benefit coming to you. Some important steps to take include:

  • Know the ins and outs of your homeowners policy and speak with your agent about coverage. 
  • Document any damage to your roof with pictures of the exterior and interior of your roof. A roofing company can help with pictures of the exterior. 
  • Know the date by which you must submit a claim and the date of the weather event that caused the damage. If the event happened too long ago the insurance company will not cover the loss. 
  • Choose a roofing company that has experience working with insurance claims. An insurance company is more likely to help you if your roofers are knowledgeable and can back up any question of coverage. 

KEE Roofing has been developing meaningful relationships with insurance company adjusters for years. We know what is covered and what is not. Contact us today for a free inspection of your roof!

Yes, there is a tax credit for installing a metal roof through the US federal government. Some metal roofs are eligible for energy efficient tax credits, so you’ll want to make sure that the material you choose for your metal roof qualifies. For more information on metal roofs or their tax credits, contact KEE Roofing today and one of our knowledgeable team members will be happy to help!

Depending on the policy, a standard homeowners insurance policy should pay to replace a roof if it can be shown that damage to the roof occurred under a covered event, like a hail storm, during a covered duration of time. The damage also needs to be determined as functional and not cosmetic, meaning the roof is structurally not able to do its job. 

To learn more about insurance coverage and roof replacements, contact KEE Roofing today.

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Homeowner’s Insurance Claims

After your home has been damaged by hail or wind, you are more than likely entitled to full compensation from your homeowner’s insurance. It can be a hassle to fill out the paperwork and deal with the adjuster on your own, and to be honest, a lot of times the claims get denied when you do it on your own. We are Insurance Restoration Experts. Call us to get expert help with your claim and we’ll help guide you through the entire process! 

Major insurance companies don’t stay in business by losing money on claims, and they know how to work their way around “the red tape” to ensure they don’t lose money.  However, our fully trained HAGG Certified Insurance Restoration Specialists and staff licensed adjusters are experts in dealing with the insurance company’s claim adjusters to ensure that all items are included in your estimate to restore your home properly. 


One of the most damaging forces of nature to your home’s exterior is hail. Often, hail damage to your roof isn’t easily recognizable from the ground for several months, at which point it may be too late to file an insurance claim. But our Insurance Restoration Experts know what to look for, and can identify hail damage at the earliest stages. We will work with your insurance company to assist you in getting your claim approved.

There are small things to look for to identify wind or hail damage, such as:

  • Shingle coating granules washed off onto the ground, usually near downspouts.

  • Curled and missing shingles.

  • Water spots in your ceiling.

  • Small holes in your siding.

  • Streaked window screens.

  • Small dents to metal fascia, garage doors, gutters and gutter covers.

  • Damaged AC fins.

That’s why we perform a FREE 31-point inspection. One thing to realize is that if you see hail damage (small dents as you look from the side, across the surface) on nearby cars, siding or other homes, there is most likely damage to your home as well.

We inspect your home’s total exterior and interior and take pictures, as well as create a customized video inspection for you personally, showing you EVERYTHING damaged. If we find sufficient damages, we will recommend you to file an insurance claim and walk you through the process. We will then come back out to your home and meet with your insurance company’s adjuster to ensure that all the necessary repairs items are included in the initial estimate. 

Unfortunately, at the end of the day, the insurance company adjuster’s real job is to minimize the insurance company’s loss. Our job is to maximize your repair estimate in order to minimize your out of pocket expense. Once a fair and agreed upon price has been reached between our Insurance Restoration Experts and your insurance company, we can perform full storm damage restoration to your home to restore it to “as good as new.” All you are responsible for is your deductible.