Storm Damage Repair & Insurance Claims Assistance

We offer emergency roof repair around the clock because we know when there’s been a serious storm or natural disaster, you can’t wait until tomorrow for help. Our roofers will be there as soon as possible to stop the damage from worsening, and help get things back to normal, fast.

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Free Inspection

Emergency Storm Damage Repair

When rain, wind and hail wreak havoc on your home’s roof, it’s only a matter of time before it becomes serious. When the initial damage has been done and water seeps below the roofing material, into the underlayment of your roof, serious damage is inevitable unless you act fast.

Our emergency roof repair covers:

  • Storm Damage Repair

  • Wind Damage Repair

  • Hail Damage Repair

  • Serious Roof Leaks

  • Storm Damage Restoration

Emergency Tarping

One of the first actions we’ll take when you call us for emergency roof repair is to tarp your home’s roof. When a storm is raging, or has just quieted down, you need immediate protection against further water damage. Our roofing contractors know the drill, and they’ll make sure no further water enters your home with a tarp covering the entire affected area.

From there, we’ll get to work on fixing the areas that have been damaged. Whether you’ve got damaged shingles, missing shingles, torn panels or any other serious damages, Just call KEE™ for your emergency roof repair. Our roofers have over 30 years of experience working on residential roofs and we know how to fix them. Even better, is that we also work with your insurance company to to reduce your out-of-pocket repair costs! Call us now for a fast response.


24/7 Emergency Roof Repair

Our goal here is to make your unpleasant situation as easy as possible for you to deal with and get things back to normal as quickly as possible. The roofing contractors on our staff are ready to come to your aid at any hour of any day. We know even the most minor of damage to your roof can suddenly become a big, big problem, and we’re here to fix it fast.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether or not your roof has suffered from hail damage or wind damage after a storm, so we offer a free inspection to take a look for you. Give us a call to get immediate help, or to get a free inspection from one of our roofers and find out whether or not you need to be worried.